How to Hide Water Meter in Basement

If you want to know how to hide water meter in basement, there are a few things you can do. One option is to drill a small hole near the meter and insert a piece of metal pipe that goes down into the soil. Fit the pipe so that it covers both the water meter and the opening to the main drainage system. Another option is to use a cover made from PVC pipe or plastic sheeting. Cut a large hole in one end of the cover, fit it over the water meter, and cut some small holes in the cover so that water can drain out.

How to Hide Water Meter in Basement

What is a Water Meter?

A water meter is an instrument that will calculate water usage within a household. It is typically installed under the house or in the yard and records how much water has been used each day.

How Does a Water Meter Work?

Water meters are among the most widespread household appliances. They are responsible for measuring how much water a household is using and billing the homeowner accordingly. Meters of all types are designed to act in identical ways.

First, they measure the water flow rate using a sensor. Then, they use this information to calculate how much water has been used and bill the homeowner accordingly. Water meters can be installed in almost any location, but the best installation areas are usually near the street. This is because they are most likely going to have to be re-installed later on if the meter is not working properly.

Reasons for Hiding Water Meter

There can be a variety of reasons for a person to hide their water meter. Perhaps they are trying to avoid paying their water bill, or maybe they are concerned about the privacy of their water usage data. Another possibility is that the individual lives in an area with frequent water shortages and wants to conserve as much water as possible. Whatever the reason, hiding a water meter can have serious consequences, such as increased water bills or fines from the government.

Materials Needed

Materials needed to Hide Water Meter in Basement: 

  • 1) A drill 
  • 2) A saw 
  • 3) Hammer 
  • 4) Nails 
  • 5) Paint

Choosing the Right Spot

Choosing the best place to conceal a water meter in a basement can be a difficult task. While some may choose to hide it behind a large appliance or in a dark corner, doing so can often lead to problems. A better option may be to find an open spot near the entrance of the basement that is easily accessible for the meter reader. This will make it easy for them to read the meter without having to search through your belongings or move any furniture.

Preparing the Space

When preparing to hide a water meter in a basement, the space must be cleared out and all obstacles must be removed. This includes removing furniture, appliances, or any other items that may block the space. The area around the water meter must be completely clear. Once the space is cleared, the meter can be hidden behind a wall or in a closet.

Methods on How to Hide Water Meter in Basement

In this section we will discuss some effective methods on how to hide water meter in basement

Method 1

The water meter is typically placed in a visible location on the outside of the home. However, if you would like to hide the water meter in your basement, you can place it in a box and cover it with some type of fabric. By doing so, it will be less visible and out of sight.

Method 2

The meter is placed in a cabinet in order to hide it from view in the basement. This allows for less visibility of the meter and could potentially prevent people from tampering with it. The cabinet also protects the meter from potential water damage.

Placing a Water Meter in a Cabinet Ensures Less Visibility

How to Build a Cabinet to Hide a Water Meter?

To build a cabinet to hide a water meter, one would need to first measure the dimensions of the meter. Once the proper measurements have been taken, the wood can be cut to size and assembled using a dowel jig or a biscuit joiner. The cabinet that’s himself to be primed and, if desired, repainted or stained to match the present décor. Finally, it should be mounted to the wall with screws or nails.

Mount Water Meter to the Wall With Screws or Nails

Method 3

To get really creative, it’s possible to construct a fake wall to cover the meter. This option takes a bit more work, but it can be done. In this case, the homeowner must first measure the existing wall and then use a template to cut out a piece of wood. This will be used to make the back of the cabinet. When it’s ready, it will need to be primed, painted, or stained to match the wall.

You Can Build a Fake Wall to Conceal the Meter

Method 4

If you have a tight budget, you can use plants or a plant pot to hide the water meter. You can also just put a piece of wood over the meter, but this isn’t very discreet.

You Can Use Plants to Hide the Water Meter

Tips and Tricks:

There are a few tricks available that you can use to hide a water meter in a basement. One option is to build a wooden box to cover the meter and then paint it to match the surrounding walls. A piece of furniture such as a large cabinet can also be used to cover the meter. Finally, some people have also been able to conceal the meter by installing it behind a false wall.


The following is a precaution for hiding a water meter in a basement:

  1. Make sure the water meter is completely dry before hiding it.
  2. Seal the meter in a plastic bag to protect it from moisture.
  3. Hide it in a container so that no one can see it.
  4. Select a location that is out of the way and not snuggly accessible.


You can easily hide your water meter in your basement and avoid any potential charges from the water company. So, if you are looking for a way to save some money on your monthly water bill, hiding your water meter is a great option.

Frequently Asked Related Questions

What Are Some of the Benefits of Hiding Your Water Meter?

Here are some of the benefits of doing so:

Hiding your meter also keeps your home’s plumbing system safe from tampering and makes it harder for thieves to steal water resources.

It can also save you money in the long run if you have a high-efficiency dishwasher or irrigation system – both of which use less water than traditional models.

Finally, hiding your meter can improve your home’s appearance – making it look newer and more efficient!

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What Are Some of the Potential Risks of Hiding Your Water Meter?

Water meters are an important tool for managing water usage, but they can also be a source of privacy and security concerns. Hiding your water meter can lead to inaccurate billing, and it can also make it difficult to track your water consumption.

There are also risks associated with tampering with or disabling your water meter, including possible damage to the meter and theft of water usage information. Please consider the benefits and risks when deciding whether or not to conceal your water meter.

What Is the Best Way to Hide Water Meter in Basement?

If so, there are several ways you can hide a water meter in your basement. The first choice is to install a water meter cover. These coverings are manufactured from plastic or metal and in various colors and patterns. They can be attached to the wall or ceiling of the basement with screws or nails, and they provide an effective way to conceal your water meter.

A water spigot cover could be used as the second option. These covers are made from plastic, metal, or wood and are designed to fit over the spigot on the side of your water tank. When installed correctly, they will conceal the spigot from view while allowing you to use it without having to open the cover each time you need water.

What Is the Purpose of a Water Meter?

A water meter is utilized to measure the volume of water used in a particular location. This information is then used to help officials track water usage and make decisions about how much water to provide to residents.

What Is the Best Way to Install Water Meter? 

Water meters are essential in allowing customers to bill water usage properly. Installing a water meter can be a complex and time-consuming process, but there are several different ways to do it. Some homeowners prefer to have their meter installed by a professional, while others choose to do it themselves.

Here is a guide on how to install a water meter yourself:

Installing a Water Meter Can Be Time Consuming

1) Get the proper tools: A drill, saw, measuring tape, level, and screwdriver are all of the tools you’ll need for this project.

2) Verify the property line: Make sure you have the correct property line before beginning any work – if not, you’ll need to purchase or rent an accurate surveyor’s tool.

3) Dig the hole The depth of your existing meter is usually about 6 inches, so dig a hole twice that depth.

4) Remove the old water meter. Please take off the cap on top of your existing water meter and remove it from the wall.

5) Attach the new water meter to your existing pipe using the anti-siphon valve and a threaded insert.